Within this post are the questions you should ask any provider of Barn Cameras. 

Feel free to print this off and use as a guide as you do your research.


Is your camera designed for indoor or outdoor monitoring?

Advice: If  the camera needs to be on the inside a barn, a outdoor camera is required.   Indoor cameras can’t handle the moisture and temperature extremes inside the barn. 

On Sight Answer:  We offer are outdoor cameras that can handle -22 degree Fahrenheit and a high moisture environment.

How large is the barn loafing area or outdoor calving yard?

Advice:  If the area is small, then a single or a couple of stationary cameras will work.  If it is a larger area, then a camera with a PTZ capability is a better fit.  It is also easier to maintain a single camera than have cable and cords strung all over for multiple stationary cameras.

On Sight Answer:  If you have a larger area, a PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom) camera is the way to go.  If you have a couple of small pens or a barn with low side walls.  Stationary cameras will do the job very well.

Do you feature analog or digital HD (high definition) cameras?

Advice: If you not concerned about the picture quality, analog is the way to go.  But if you need to see what is going on with detail digital HD cameras work great.

On Sight Answer:  We only offer  HD Quality Digital Cameras.

How far will the barn/yard be to the house/internet connection?

Advice: If it is more than 50 feet, wifi will not work consistently.  If the provider only has Wifi cameras, you could have camera video loss issues.  

On Sight Answer:  We use our own wireless bridge to ensure a rock solid connection between barn, house and internet.

Do you need to view recording?

Advice: A recording server is good to identify what has happened while you were away.

On Sight Answer:  We have recording servers that can record up to 30 days and be connected to a TV or computer monitor. 

What is the warranty period?

Advice: A good warranty is at least 3 years for cameras and recording server.  Wireless equipment should be at least 1 year.

On Sight Answer:  We offer 5 year warranties on cameras and video server.  One year on the wireless antennas.

Do they have a support team to assist with install and any issues in the future?

Advice: A provider should have a dedicated to team that can take your call and get you up and running.  

On Sight Answer:  We have 10 full time staff that assist with system design, kit build, install and support.  You need more than a 1 person provider to help with your operation.  We also offer after hours on call support.  


Final Advice – Cheap barn camera systems are good enough until you need them –